SKODA. Reduce the fuel consumption of Skoda

SKODA FUEL ACTIVATOR — a device which is installed on a fuel hose of any Skoda car and significantly reduces fuel consumption Skoda by 20% and improves the engine performance. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your Skoda, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

Skoda fuel

Activators are installed on all models of Skoda and are used in all types of fuel — GAS, PETROL, DIESEL FUEL.

The Activators are easy to install, they are installed on the Skoda fuel supply hose in a few minutes:

1. Skoda fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.
2. A slight increase in the power of the Skoda engine.
3. Extends the service life of the Skoda engine.
4. The content of carbon monoxide and other pollutants in Skoda exhaust gases is reduced by 30-40%.
5. Stable and dynamic operation of the Skoda engine.
6. Reduces the formation of soot and carbon deposits on Skoda pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, fuel injectors, catalyst and exhaust pipes.
7. Extends the service life of the Skoda catalyst, lambda probe, spark plugs and Skoda fuel injectors.

Skoda ACTIVATOR reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

At the same time, the engine operation of Skoda is significantly improved.

Examples of installation on different models of Skoda.

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ANY FUEL (petrol, diesel, gas), by going through 10 magnetic fields of THESE ACTIVATORS, for a short time changes its structure and properties, and it BURNS more fully and REGULARLY.
Due to this, the Skoda engine begins to work much BETTER.

Usually, it is already seen after 10-20 km of run of the car Skoda which has an installed Activator.

Imagine, how your Skoda engine works with VERY GOOD FUEL
That is, we have quite different (better) fuel.

   You agree that chopped firewood burns much better than whole logs … The same thing happens with automotive fuel in the cylinders of the Skoda engine.

fuel economy

car fuel economy

Activators installed on Skoda reduce the density and viscosity of fuel:

1. This leads to the formation of smaller fuel particles, ensures good atomization and combustion in the cylinders of the Skoda engine.
2. The fuel ignites better and burns smoothly, ensuring soft and smokeless operation of the Skoda engine.
3. Reduces deposits on injectors and carbon deposits on candles and Skoda cylinders.
4. Reduces the load on the operation of Skoda fuel supply systems.
5. Increases reliability and increases the life of Skoda fuel equipment.

All this leads to improved conditions for fuel combustion Skoda cylinders.

    FUEL with Activators burns more completely in the Skoda engine, does not leave carbon deposits on pistons, cylinders and spark plugs.

     On Skoda cars, the injectors are not polluted, and there is no black smoke even at throttling at free running.

Knowing where the fuel hoses are located, Activators at Skoda are installed within 5 minutes (see «INSTALLATION»)

     ATTENTION! The main difference of THESE ACTIVATORS is that there are 20 magnets placed in them, which for a short time CHANGE THE STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF FUEL.    In other similar Aktivators which can be used on Skoda, there are only 2 powerful magnets which are not able to change anything in the fuel (see «ANALOGUES» ).

     When you don’t like the Aktivators, then with no doubt you can return them back within 37 days (read «RETURN»).

ACTIVATOR reduces the fuel consumption of any SKODA vehicle by 20%. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your Skoda, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

The operating life is at least 15 years
We produce and sell them starting from 2008


The set of Activators (2 Activators) — 60,00 EUR

The price includes the deliver by post.


When installing on Skoda both the Fuel combustion Activators and Activator Autothermia, FUEL CONSUMPTION is reduced by 30-40%!


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On this page you will learn about possible ways to save fuel on a Skoda car.

Usually we remember about Skoda fuel economy only when refueling the car, when it comes to paying for refueled fuel. Every driver is interested that his car consumes as little Skoda fuel as possible.

A person who wants to save Skoda fuel on a car, first of all, should master such a driving style when the car moves evenly, excluding intense braking and energetic starts.

Skoda fuel consumption increases on a poorly adjusted or badly worn engine.
A fairly effective way to reduce Skoda fuel consumption is the use of tires with less weight. The pressure of the air in the tires is of great importance. Too low air pressure increases rolling resistance, which leads to an increase in Skoda fuel consumption.

How to save Skoda fuel

To reduce Skoda fuel consumption, try not to accelerate the car to speeds approaching the maximum. Skoda’s fuel consumption rises sharply when the air conditioner is turned on, since it consumes a significant part of the energy from the engine for its operation.

When towing a trailer, Skoda fuel consumption increases.

The operation of the engine in the parking lot leads to additional fuel consumption of Skoda.

If you want to drive economically, we advise you to switch to a mini class car.

When driving in heavy rain or snowfall, Skoda fuel consumption increases.

Filling the engine with high-quality engine oils significantly reduces Skoda fuel consumption.

Regularly monitor the rolling of your car. If you feel that the roll has decreased dramatically, visit the service station immediately.
When leaving on a flat stretch of road, immediately switch to high gear.
You should not fill the car with fuel whose brand is not approved by the manufacturer of your car.
Load the vehicle only with cargo whose mass does not exceed the value specified in the vehicle documentation. An overloaded car consumes more Skoda fuel.

Some changes to the design of your car, performed during the tuning process, may negatively affect the fuel consumption of Skoda.
To estimate approximately the fuel consumption of Skoda, you should fill up a full tank. Drive a certain distance with refueled fuel. At the next refueling, notice how much fuel will enter the tank. Knowing the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed, it is not difficult to calculate the fuel consumption of Skoda.

On which fuel for Skoda fuel consumption to stop

It seems to be a simple question, what kind of gasoline to fill, suddenly turned out to be without an unambiguous answer. The official recommendation is to use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 95. Most owners took it as an instruction to fill in the AI-95. It seems logical, why overpay?

But those who «feed» the car with higher-quality gasoline claim that on the 98th and 100th, the dynamics of the car are better and the fuel consumption of Skoda is less. Theoretical justification: turbomotors (and on the Carok it is such, with a volume of 1.4 liters, familiar from other models of the VAG concern) are very sensitive to the octane number by their design.

Indeed, the theory of the internal combustion engine (ICE) suggests that an increase in the octane number makes it possible to increase the pressure of the fuel-air mixture at the end of the compression stroke without the risk of detonation. And this means an increase in the efficiency of the internal combustion engine.

However, these are rather subjective assessments of the owners based on approximate data obtained in different operating conditions. Laboratory tests could clarify things, or better yet, an explanation from the manufacturer, but what is not, is not. Perhaps Skoda is afraid of narrowing the circle of potential buyers when declaring AI-98 as the recommended fuel for Skoda.

Factors affecting Skoda fuel consumption

Meanwhile, such automatic settings are made just to save Skoda fuel. At the same driving speed, the higher the gear in the box is turned on, the lower the engine speed. Consequently, Skoda’s fuel consumption is also reduced. By forcibly disabling this setting with sport mode, drivers will have to pay for it by increasing Skoda fuel consumption.

Another point is related to the dynamics of the car. Rapid acceleration provokes the driver to high-speed driving. But if mechanical power losses (the cost of overcoming the resistance to rotation in the transmission, hub bearings, tires, etc.) are approximately linear and do not depend much on speed, then the aerodynamic drag increases in proportion to its cube.

In other words, the amount of gasoline spent on useless air pushing with increasing speed will grow exponentially and fans of «flooding properly» should not be surprised by the increase in Skoda fuel consumption.

Hence the different numbers on the highway. Someone will go 80-90, and to whom 150 is not enough. And the difference at the same distance will be significant.

Cars of the famous Czech-German brand Skoda fuel consumption are equipped with a solid line of engines that distinguish, in the bulk, good performance and good service life. But there are some nuances that should be taken into account when buying and operating a Skoda fuel consumption car.

For example, the most popular Skoda fuel consumption provides a large selection of engines. The weak (from the point of view of reliability) from a turbocharged gasoline volume of 1.8 liters. It is likely to have problems with the electronic control system. The reason may be a malfunction of one of the sensors Skoda fuel consumption or the control unit, which is not cheap. Similar problems sometimes arise in the later version of the engine with a capacity of 2 liters. However, these engines Skoda fuel cars are not equipped very often. Most of the sales accounted for Skoda fuel consumption gasoline engines with displacement of 1.6 liters and capacity of 101 HP, and the familiar turbocharged engines Skoda fuel 1.8-liter 150 HP, the Last is most popular with those who like improvements. Even the company Skoda offers a lot of industrial tuning options and engine, and the car in General.

Quite popular and Skoda fuel consumption turbo diesel engines with a volume of 1.9 liters and capacity of 110 HP
But such resistance is not demonstrated by all engines, especially petrol Skoda. It is no accident that the most common cause of breakdowns Skoda fuel and, accordingly, the purchase of spare parts for Skoda is the use of low quality gasoline. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the choice of refueling and regularly wash the Skoda injectors.
Frequent cause of breakdowns Skoda fuel consumption, which entail the purchase of spare parts for Skoda, is non-compliance with the rules of operation of the car. Lead, as mentioned above, the problem of elements of the fuel system Skoda due to the poor quality of gasoline with a high sulfur content.
An alarming symptom may be the increased oil consumption of the Skoda fuel consumption. The cause may be damage to Skoda piston rings, guide bushings and Skoda oil-reflecting caps. An indication of unstable operation of the engine Skoda may be increased fuel consumption or excessive noise when the valve mechanism Skoda. If these or other alarming signs appear, it is necessary to contact the car service and replace the required Skoda parts.
Each of the models of Skoda fuel consumption cars has its own nuances. Thus, the 4-cylinder engine with a transverse arrangement (the camshaft is located at the top) is installed on the Felicia Skoda. Due to the fact that Skoda cylinders are made of cast iron and, partially, of aluminum, the camshaft of the car is highly resistant. Sometimes the need to replace the bushings exhaust and inlet valve Skoda for installed the only spring that over time wears out. 
Naturally, the repair of any engine should start with a professional diagnosis Skoda fuel consumption. Then, you should look for the necessary original and analog spare parts , replacement or partial restoration of parts of the engine of Skoda. Remember-from the serviceability of the engine Skoda depends on the behavior of the car on the road and driving safety.

Features Skoda fuel consumption car repair
Skoda is one of the most popular car manufacturers.

Skoda Engines. Powertrain Skoda very good resource. For example, 1.4-liter 75-horsepower engine installed on many cars Skoda, designed for 300 – 500 thousand kilometers., and the life of the 1.2-liter engine will be half that. It should be prepared for the fact that 150-200 thousand kilometers can be clamped liner gasket Skoda fuel consumption. In addition, it may be necessary to replace the timing chain, which can be dragged, resulting in fuel is no longer consumed in an economical mode. Untimely oil change leads to rapid wear of the Skoda drive.

Transmission Skoda. Complaints can only cause clutch Skoda fuel consumption. Repair or replacement is often required at 150 – 200 thousand kilometers.

Power steering Skoda. Many Skoda cars differ in that the power steering can fail. Pollution causes problems in most cases, so it is important to provide additional insulation.

Chassis of Skoda. Skoda is committed to offering reliable cars, so the chassis works perfectly.
The front pads need to be changed every fifty thousand kilometers, rear-every hundred thousand kilometers. Preventive maintenance will avoid unwanted breakdowns Skoda, which can lead to additional costs.

Electronics Skoda. There ar fuel consumptione no complaints about electronics. Among the advantages it should be noted the reliability of electronic systems Skoda. In addition, the repair is easy to perform, so significant costs are not expected.

Skoda fuel consumption User Manual

1. Diagnosis škoda conduct complex, using modern equipment. Electronic systems in motor vehicles require computer diagnostics. The time for a full diagnostic components and assemblies Skoda we recommend the following: 50-60 thousand miles for the suspension, 100-120 thousand km for transmission, 15-25 thousand km for the brake system. Diagnosis of the engine spend every 60 thousand km. the results of frequent diagnostics show that most of the faults occur in the electronic components of the car, in the coolant temperature sensors and air flow meters Skoda.

2. The need to repair the engines of Skoda fuel consumption cars is most often associated with non-compliance with the rules of operation of the car, with low fuel quality and harsh climatic conditions. Most often, repair requires Skoda fuel system, which fails due to the use of low-quality fuel. The use of low-quality oil is also a common cause of engine failure. Repair of Skoda engines has many features depending on the power and volume of the engine and the units installed on it. Repair of the engine and its attachments should be carried out only with the use of branded spare parts and components.

3. The most common causes of repair injectors Skoda – low temperature operation and the low quality of gasoline. Repair and washing of injectors are carried out in compliance with the standards of the manufacturer and in accordance with the individual characteristics of the Skoda motor.

4. Diesel engines of Skoda cars require more frequent repairs than diesel engines of other foreign cars. And its cost is much more expensive than for gasoline engines. Most often require repair temperature sensors and control units glow plugs Skoda.

5. Automatic transmission Skoda-the most expensive unit of the car in terms of repair. On the other hand, automatic boxes are highly reliable and break only because of non-compliance with the rules of operation and late oil change. Due to the structural features of the Skoda car, the automatic transmissions are supplied with the engine flywheel. Therefore, the repair (replacement) of the Skoda box requires knowledge of the flywheel marking.

6. Manual transmission Skoda is a highly reliable unit. Breakdowns occur, as a rule, due to overload too high or too low rpm. When repairing mechanical gearboxes, pay attention to the use of high-quality sealing and lubricating materials. With frequent use of sports driving style, Skoda friction wheels often need to be replaced.

7. The main problems encountered in the chassis of Skoda, associated with the quality of roads and climatic conditions. Periodic full diagnosis Skoda main units of the chassis spend every 50-60 thousand km. the Main problems creates frequent failure of the front stabilizer bushing transverse stability. Branded shock absorbers, adapted to domestic conditions, require replacement every 100-120 thousand km. Unadapted shock absorbers serve 80-90 thousand km. In addition, the weak points are the front hub bearings and silent blocks rear semi-suspension Skoda.

8. In the steering system of cars Skoda frequent repair requires a steering rack, and with negligent attitude to oil change and tightening of sealing elements – and even power steering. Elements of the braking system are also sufficiently reliable. Sensitive to timely care calipers. Skoda brake system itself requires the use of only high-quality brake fluid.

SKODA. Reducir el consumo de combustible Skoda

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