The Activator return conditions

     Within 37 days the buyer can return the Activators and get his money back in full amount. When returning the money, the questions are not asked.

     All the information on the customers and on their orders are stored in our customer database.

     If the customer isn’t satisfied with the operating of the Activator within 30 days since the date, on which the product has been received by post, and he/she would like to return the product and to receive the money back, he/she shall:

1. Notify us about it either in the e-mail message, or by telephone.
2. Send the Activators back per post to the postal address: IK “A.Ivanov”, Ķengaraga street 5 — 6, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063.

     If the Activators which we receive back, don’t have any traces of mechanical damages: damages, cuts, purposefully broken housings, attempts to take out the internal elements of the Activators, then we shall immediately send the money back to the buyer, and we inform about it the purchaser by e-mail message. The money for the postal sending isn’t returned back.

     Only that person who has made the order at our company, can send the Activators and receive the money back.