JEEP. Reduce the fuel consumption of Jeep

JEEP FUEL ACTIVATOR — a device which is installed on a fuel hose of any Jeep car and significantly reduces fuel consumption Jeep by 20% and improves the engine performance. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your Jeep, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

Activators are installed on all models of Jeep and are used in all types of fuel — GAS, PETROL, DIESEL FUEL.

The Activators are easy to install, they are installed on the Jeep fuel supply hose in a few minutes:

1. Jeep fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.
2. A slight increase in the power of the Jeep engine.
3. Extends the service life of the Jeep engine.
4. The content of carbon monoxide and other pollutants in Jeep exhaust gases is reduced by 30-40%.
5. Stable and dynamic operation of the Jeep engine.
6. Reduces the formation of soot and carbon deposits on Jeep pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, fuel injectors, catalyst and exhaust pipes.
7. Extends the service life of the Jeep catalyst, lambda probe, spark plugs and Jeep fuel injectors.

Jeep ACTIVATOR reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

At the same time, the engine operation of Jeep is significantly improved.

Examples of installation on different models of Jeep.

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ANY FUEL (petrol, diesel, gas), by going through 10 magnetic fields of THESE ACTIVATORS, for a short time changes its structure and properties, and it BURNS more fully and REGULARLY.
Due to this, the Jeep engine begins to work much BETTER.

Usually, it is already seen after 10-20 km of run of the car Jeep which has an installed Activator.

Imagine, how your Jeep engine works with VERY GOOD FUEL
That is, we have quite different (better) fuel.

  You agree that chopped firewood burns much better than whole logs … The same thing happens with automotive fuel in the cylinders of the Jeep engine.

fuel economy

car fuel economy

Activators installed on Jeep reduce the density and viscosity of fuel:

1. This leads to the formation of smaller fuel particles, ensures good atomization and combustion in the cylinders of the Jeep engine.
2. The fuel ignites better and burns smoothly, ensuring soft and smokeless operation of the Jeep engine.
3. Reduces deposits on injectors and carbon deposits on candles and Jeep cylinders.
4. Reduces the load on the operation of Jeep fuel supply systems.
5. Increases reliability and increases the life of Jeep fuel equipment.

All this leads to improved conditions for fuel combustion Jeep cylinders.

    FUEL with Activators burns more completely in the Jeep engine, does not leave carbon deposits on pistons, cylinders and spark plugs.

     On Jeep cars, the injectors are not polluted, and there is no black smoke even at throttling at free running.

Knowing where the fuel hoses are located, Activators at Jeep are installed within 5 minutes (see «INSTALLATION»)

     ATTENTION! The main difference of THESE ACTIVATORS is that there are 20 magnets placed in them, which for a short time CHANGE THE STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF FUEL.    In other similar Aktivators which can be used on Jeep, there are only 2 powerful magnets which are not able to change anything in the fuel (see «ANALOGUES» ).

     When you don’t like the Aktivators, then with no doubt you can return them back within 37 days (read «RETURN»).

ACTIVATOR reduces the fuel consumption of any JEEP vehicle by 20%. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your Jeep, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

The operating life is at least 15 years
We produce and sell them starting from 2008


The set of Activators (2 Activators) — 60,00 EUR

The price includes the deliver by post.



When installing on Jeep both the Fuel combustion Activators and Activator Autothermia, FUEL CONSUMPTION is reduced by 30-40%!


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Features of operation Jeep fuel consumption

The Body Of The Jeep fuel consumption 

The main drawback-a relatively fragile body. If a full-fledged SUV takes the entire load frame, and the body can be patched even plywood, when buying a used Jeep body condition should be given special attention. Body repair is much more expensive than the repair of a frame SUV. For example, floor repair Jeep cost more than $500, and for cars older than 95-year such operation is necessary in most cases. Rusted the bottom at the feet of the driver and front passenger and roof in the regions of the b-pillar and upper windshield frame — that is a very frequently occurring defects. Replacement of springs on frame SUV only requires the purchase of the leaves, spring bolts and spring u-bolt, and the Jeep often need perevirka brackets and replace the slips of the screws. Especially all of the above applies to the cars 1984 — 1996 model years, as in 1997, it was modernized body. So, buying a used Jeep, first of all you should go to the service for body diagnostics.
The back door of the Jeep is made of plastic, so it does not rust, but it is almost impossible to clean it after the impact. But rotting motor drive wiper rear door. And when you begin very slowly to go brush run to the car wash. If time does not fix it, the motor will burn and you’re looking at replacement of the mechanism Assembly. Do not forget to periodically change the airway. In addition, there are often failures of the rear door lock.

Jeep fuel consumption Engines

The Jeep engine is very reliable and in our conditions it works without problems 300-400 thousand kilometers to capital repairs. In addition, it belongs to the generation of oiled engines, which means that the repair even with the replacement of the piston group takes 4-5 hours. Fuel injection equipment is also quite long and taxing on our fuel.
However, the engine is poorly adapted to winter operation — there is no heating of the filter, no heating of fuel lines, no tank. But the main drawback-the lack of spare parts for it. If you find them, they will be transported from America through Europe, so the price will be appropriate. On disassembly, there’s almost nothing catches. And he is too weak to build a «monster».

Created by AMC back in 1964. Since then, it has been modernized several times. First appeared on the Jeep in September 1986 and has established itself as a reliable and durable power unit. It develops a power of 185-195 HP at a compression ratio of 4600 rpm, consuming Benzi without any negative effects. Engine life 300-500 thousand km. Only after a run of about 200 thousand kilometers of the engine requires a change of crankshaft liners, rings, seals and gaskets, and possibly boring cylinders. According to the requirements of the factory instructions, the oil change in the engine should be made every 10 thousand km, and when operating in heavy road conditions — through 5 thousand. Drive belts, high tension leads, distributor cap plugs should be changed every 48 thousand km In the case of the motor to a quality engine oil the longevity of the lifters characterizes mileage about 120 thousand km. Much worse is the case with the fuel pump. Because of the dirty domestic gasoline their service life is greatly reduced and on average does not exceed 50 thousand km. Water pumps are up to 100 thousand km, mount pads powertrain aged 50-70 thousand km.
When buying a Jeep, be sure to look under the left front wing and check to see if the oil is dripping from the air filter housing. If Yes, then the engine worn oil rings and it’s time to change or touch. Do not be lazy to open the hood and see what’s going on under the filter itself. If there is a sterile cleanliness, it also suggests that the engine is not in order, and the owner used a cloth to mislead you.

Jeep fuel consumption Clutch

In 1994, the plant eliminated the main drawback of this mechanism-moved the clutch operating cylinder out of the inner cavity of the housing, where it was located together with the release bearing, which caused a rapid failure of the cylinder seals due to their constant contact with the wear products of the clutch discs. Naturally, the replacement of the working cylinder was facilitated, now it is not required to disassemble the transmission.

Jeep fuel consumption Transmission

When buying, be sure to try to accelerate the car to 110 kilometers per hour and play with gas at this speed. If the discharge or the addition of gas in the back hear a howl, it means that the main a few time to change. Check the operation of all-wheel drive. Put the wheels straight, connect the front axle. If the box has full-time mode, turn it on. If the car goes smoothly and does not twitch, then everything is in order. If not, then this car is better not to take, as the transmission it is likely very worn. Turn the steering wheel and try to start with the included bridge and turned the steering wheel. If the machine has a» 242 » transfer case, then in full-time mode it should start easily. If the SUV as it rests, most likely there is a defect of a transfer case. But for machines with «231» box that she doesn’t want to go on the pavement enabled all-wheel drive and turned the wheel, just says that everything is in order. To go to turn this Jeep must be like stepping. But if bottom hear a sharp ringing sound, it means that the box slips the chain. The new chain costs about $ 400, and the work to replace it — $120.

Many machines suffer from a Jeep crosses the front axle shafts, ball joints, very likely replacing the suspension arms. Broken silent blocks only change with the lever. The consolation is that the lower levers cost $65, and the upper — $55, and the work is not too expensive.
The condition of ball bearings, crosses, suspension elements is better to look at a specialized service, as there are many subtleties that can be found only by masters who know exactly Jeep cars. By the way, the reliability of the front axle can be seriously improved by replacing the half-axles with crosses. Hubs on cars with 231-th box there, the wheel is planted directly on the axle. This is done specifically to reduce the cost of construction. You can buy WARN kits, but they are not very cheap.
The rear brakes of the Jeep are very vulnerable. For their normal operation, you need to regularly use the Parking brake to the pads were fed. But because in our conditions all mechanisms rust, covered with dirt and rot, even with regular use it does not always save.

Jeep fuel consumption Suspension

When lifting Jeep suspension is replaced completely original from manufacturers lift-kit ‘ s.

Jeep fuel consumption Service

Jeep as a whole compares favorably with other machines in a relatively low price of replacement parts. For example, spare parts for GM cars are more expensive by 20-25 percent, and for Japanese cars — even more. Unfortunately, this is due not only to the pricing policy of the company, but also to the quality of supplied spare parts. For example, springs for Jeep go for three years, and then sink. On Yukon or Tahoe you sifted springs will not see. They can burst, but never sink. On the other hand, one spring on Tahoe costs about $800, and a pair of springs on Cherokee only 250. The same applies to bridges. For Japanese SUVs replacement of the main pair — an event extraordinary and extremely rare, but for Jeep humming rear axle — a phenomenon quite common. This is due to the fact that the bridge carries a car that is heavier and more powerful than the one for which they were originally designed.

JEEP. Reducir el consumo de combustible Jeep

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