Activator consists of two parts (halves), held together with screws and wing nuts. Inside each part, there is a row of the 5 ferrite magnets, located in the special (patented) way. Thus, each Activator contains 10 magnets and a complete set of the Promoters (2 Promoters) contains 20 magnets. 

     Steel screens are installed in each Activator (in order the magnetic field isn’t generated around the Activator).
   When connecting the parts of the Activator on a fuel hose, the fields are generated between these parts with different directions of the magnetic force lines. N (North) and S (South) are interchangeable.


    The fuel by passing through the magnetic fields of the Activator, changes its structure. It burns more completely, thereby increasing the volume of combustion products in the engine cylinders, and thus increasing the engine power.

This is usually noticeable already after the first 10 — 20 kilometres of run of the car with the installed Activator.

Size – 130x45x35mm
Weight — 170 grams