CITROEN. Reduce the fuel consumption of Citroen

CITROEN FUEL ACTIVATOR — a device which is installed on a fuel hose of any Citroen car and significantly reduces fuel consumption Citroen by 20% and improves the engine performance. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your Citroen, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

Activators are installed on all models of Citroen and are used in all types of fuel — GAS, PETROL, DIESEL FUEL.

The activators are easy to install, they are installed on the Citroen fuel supply hose in a few minutes:

1. Citroen fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.
2. A slight increase in the power of the Citroen engine.
3. Extends the service life of the Citroen engine.
4. The content of carbon monoxide and other pollutants in Citroen exhaust gases is reduced by 30-40%.
5. Stable and dynamic operation of the Citroen engine.
6. Reduces the formation of soot and carbon deposits on Citroen pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, fuel injectors, catalyst and exhaust pipes.
7. Extends the service life of the Citroen catalyst, lambda probe, spark plugs and Citroen fuel injectors.

Citroen ACTIVATOR reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

At the same time, the engine operation of Citroen is significantly improved.

Examples of installation on different models of Citroen.

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ANY FUEL (petrol, diesel, gas), by going through 10 magnetic fields of THESE ACTIVATORS, for a short time changes its structure and properties, and it BURNS more fully and REGULARLY.
Due to this, the Citroen engine begins to work much BETTER.

Usually, it is already seen after 10-20 km of run of the car Citroen which has an installed Activator.

Imagine, how your Citroen engine works with VERY GOOD FUEL
That is, we have quite different (better) fuel.

     You agree that chopped firewood burns much better than whole logs … The same thing happens with automotive fuel in the cylinders of the Citroen engine.

fuel economy

car fuel economy

Activators installed on Citroen reduce the density and viscosity of fuel:

1. This leads to the formation of smaller fuel particles, ensures good atomization and combustion in the cylinders of the Citroen engine.
2. The fuel ignites better and burns smoothly, ensuring soft and smokeless operation of the Citroen engine.
3. Reduces deposits on injectors and carbon deposits on candles and Citroen cylinders.
4. Reduces the load on the operation of Citroen fuel supply systems.
5. Increases reliability and increases the life of Citroen fuel equipment.

All this leads to improved conditions for fuel combustion in Citroen cylinders.

    FUEL with Activators burns more completely in the Citroen engine, does not leave carbon deposits on pistons, cylinders and spark plugs.

     On Citroen cars, the injectors are not polluted, and there is no black smoke even at throttling at free running.

     On Citroen diesel cars, the injectors are not polluted, and there is no black smoke even at throttling at free running.

Knowing where the fuel hoses are located, Activators at Citroen are installed within 5 minutes (see «INSTALLATION»)

     ATTENTION! The main difference of THESE ACTIVATORS is that there are 20 magnets placed in them, which for a short time CHANGE THE STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF FUEL.    In other similar Aktivators which can be used on Citroen, there are only 2 powerful magnets which are not able to change anything in the fuel (see «ANALOGUES» ).

     When you don’t like the Aktivators, then with no doubt you can return them back within 37 days (read «RETURN»).

ACTIVATOR reduces the fuel consumption of any CITROEN vehicle by 20%. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your Citroen, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

The operating life is at least 15 years
We produce and sell them starting from 2008


The set of Activators (2 Activators) — 60,00 EUR

The price includes the deliver by post.


When installing on Citroen both the Fuel combustion Activators and Activator Autothermia, FUEL CONSUMPTION is reduced by 30-40%!


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Operation of Citroen fuel consumption

Features of technical operation of Citroen: engines
From the point of view of the layman, Citroen fuel consumption cars are sophisticated and complex. The French automaker itself has been trying to prove to the whole world in recent years that its products are reliable, easy to maintain and operate.

Indeed, if we talk about Citroen fuel consumption engines, they are quite reliable by world standards, and at the same time their repair does not hit the wallet. Serious problems arose only with the Prince series engines developed jointly with BMW. Then, in the turbocharged and atmospheric versions of this 1.6-liter engine (THP and VTi, respectively), increased oil consumption was detected during operation. At the same time, there were problems in the timing chain tensioner. These problems have not yet been completely eliminated, although certain improvements have been made to the design of the motors.

In the latest subcompact models (for example, in the C4), the concern systematically replaces the BMW gasoline engine with the result of its own development — the PureTech engine. There is no one cylinder in this unit, however, the engine is turbocharged and has direct injection. Known problems were associated with only one batch of engines manufactured in the Netherlands, and they concerned the operation of the crankshaft. Too soft metal was used in the production.

Speaking of engines in general, Prince series products developed with the participation of BMW are best avoided. Although the engines of this series provide fuel economy and acceptable performance, oil is consumed excessively, and there are also problems with the timing tensioner. In the turbocharged modification of the model, the turbine often fails, and in the atmospheric phase change of the gas distribution system stops working.

An unsuccessful model is also a two-liter Hpi engine of 2001. It was developed as part of the EW series, but it has direct injection. This model has problems with the controller during operation.

Owners of 2.7 HDi turbodiesel units with 6 cylinders are experiencing problems with the crankshaft. Its successor, the 3—liter HDi, shows itself better. But due to the presence of expensive piezoelectric injectors in it, this unit is not suitable for everyone.

Repair, maintenance and operation of Citroen fuel consumption: battery

Any battery has a limited service life and ages over time. Various malfunctions of the electrical equipment of the car, a significant discharge of the battery can accelerate its wear.

Car systems and devices that actively consume electricity when the generator is not running consume battery power. In this regard, the Citroen fuel consumption automaker recommends that all car owners, without special need, do not use such electrical equipment as air conditioning, audio system or lighting when the engine is turned off. For the operation of Citroen cars, only original electrical components should be purchased.

The battery charge depends on the mode of operation of the generator. If the generator is faulty, the battery will not be fully charged. Conversely, the constant operation of the generator during the operation of the Citroen can lead to overcharging of the battery and, as a consequence, to its early wear. In addition, increased power consumption and rapid battery discharge are often caused by current leaks due to the presence of poor connections in the electrical circuit.

The electrolyte, which is an acid solution, is affected by too high or low temperatures, reducing its conductivity and damaging the active substance. As a result, the battery voltage drops, the quality of its operation is significantly reduced.

The battery, as one of the most important elements of the car, should be checked regularly at an authorized Citroen center. It is desirable to do this at least every year at the beginning of winter. Periodic battery diagnostics will allow you to track the malfunction in time and make a decision about the likely replacement of the battery, avoiding further problems with the performance of the car.

Under normal operating conditions and with strict adherence to maintenance requirements, the battery lasts on average about 5 years.

To ensure that the service life does not decrease, the battery should be monitored periodically. Check the battery surface regularly — it should be dry and clean. Before a long downtime of the car (more than a month), it is better to remove the battery and fully charge it. Store the removed and prepared battery in a cool place before starting operation.

Oddly enough, short trips drain the battery the most. The generator needs a mileage of at least 10 km to fully charge the battery. One small trip does not allow you to fully restore energy.

High-quality branded Citroen batteries meet all modern requirements, combining quality with a long service life. With full compliance with the Citroen fuel consumption operating instructions, the warranty for branded batteries is 1 year.

The Citroen Concern takes care of environmental protection and participates in waste recycling activities. At every stage of production, starting with the project and ending with the disposal of unusable spare parts, the Citroen plant and the entire dealer network responsibly monitor the processing of pollutants. Responsibility is one of the main principles of the company.

How to extend the service life of Citroen fuel consumption shock absorbers

For the distance traveled by the car in 20 thousand kilometers, the shock absorber manages to work 1 million times or more. It is not surprising that the main reason for the failure of the shock absorber is its natural wear. In addition to the total distance traveled, the wear of the shock absorber during operation is also affected by the load on the car, the quality of the road surface and the driving style of the driver.

With a faulty shock absorber, the car is at serious risk, namely:

braking distance increases (up to 35%);

the car’s resistance to aquaplaning decreases by 15%;

the resource of tires may decrease to 25%;

The ball bearings of the engine, suspension and other nearby parts may fail.

Shock absorbers wear out gradually and imperceptibly. However, over time, their long-term operation makes itself felt — discomfort begins to be felt when driving. Most importantly, wear and tear affects the safety of the driver.

Considering all of the above, shock absorbers should be checked regularly. It is recommended to do this every 20 thousand kilometers of operation in official Citroen service centers.

The failure of one or more shock absorbers can be determined by the following signs:

On sharp turns, the car tends to drift.
On long turns, the «yaw» of the car increases.
There is a characteristic thud when passing the «speed bump».
During acceleration, the wheels begin to jump, which leads to a deterioration in traction with the roadway.
Oil stains appear on the damaged shock absorber from the outside.
Tire wear accelerates.
Inspect the condition of the shock absorbers in a timely manner, and if a malfunction is detected, replace them with new ones. This is the only way you will give your Citroen fuel consumption a guarantee of safe operation.

Features of operation of the fuel consumption Citroen C3

The new generation of fuel consumption Citroen C3 cars was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2001. This series, which replaced the Saxo model range, is a representative of the class B popular among car owners.

The main advantages inherent in the Citroen C3 are increased cabin capacity and an economical engine. The design of the car has undergone changes and has become more relaxed compared to the previous series. Citroen C3 is universal in operation. It is suitable for women, families with children, and the younger generation, it will be a great gift for a loved one.

Three modifications of gasoline engines with a volume of 1.4 liters and an automatic transmission are designed to provide the most comfortable ride. Citroen C3 fuel consumption is equipped with front and side airbags, built-in speed limiter.

The interior of the car boasts comfortable front seats and a small but comfortable rear sofa. The instrument panel is designed in such a way that it is easy to read in any light. The central panel is easy to operate, has a concise design and is not overloaded with controls. An air conditioner and a multimedia player are included in the mandatory equipment of the C3. The trunk with a capacity of about 300 liters, if necessary, expands to a volume of 1000 liters.

The pleasure of managing the C3 is created by the little things. While driving this car, you will feel its beauty and modernity. The panoramic roof will also add delight. Repair and operation of the Citroen C3 will not cause problems. In short, the result of the painstaking work of designers and engineers on the Citroen C3 is immediately visible.

What you need to know when operating a fuel consumption Citroen C4

The first generation of this model was put into operation in 2004 in France. Production of the Citroen C4 of this generation continued until 2011, and the cars were also produced in Russia. The main modification of the fuel consumption Citroen C4 was delivered in a hatchback body. In addition, there was a seven-seat version of the Grand and a compact Picasso. Each modification combines a high-quality assembly and a high level of safety. Used cars of this series are only slightly falling in price, so the C4 also has a good profitability.

It is noteworthy that this model is practically not in demand among hijackers. This is a great reason to save a little on the anti-theft system and additional insurance.

The main advantages of the fuel consumption Citroen C4 of the first generation include high corrosion resistance of the body due to high-quality coating, as well as good noise insulation. The only place vulnerable to rust is the front edge of the hood. After the appearance of chips on it, corrosion can form after three years. Therefore, when operating a Citroen, try to monitor pathological processes in this place and stop them in time, because painting can cost much more.

The interior of the fuel consumption Citroen C4 is being transformed. The interior is comfortable, practical and easy to use. Despite this, there is only enough space on the back sofa for two people, the cabin is relatively spacious. Most of the interior decoration is made of high-quality materials. The driver will be satisfied with an excellent overview, but he will have to get used to the control panel located in the middle. At the same time, the equipment of the car interior is sufficient to meet the needs of both the driver and passengers.

It is worth noting the rather sharp illumination of the dashboard and the not very high-quality massage function of the front seats. However, you can refuse the massage option for the sake of saving Citroen fuel. In addition, replacing the filter in the cabin can be a problem, since it is held on fragile latches, which often break with the required effort. But you need to change this filter every 20 thousand kilometers of Citroen operation, preferably with the involvement of service center specialists.

The diesel engine in the fuel consumption Citroen C4 is distinguished by its reliability, having two valves for removing air from the cooling system and an automatic tensioner for the drive of the attachments. The air removal valves are located under the blue caps. At the same time, the engine is quite economical. On average, it consumes no more than 6 liters of fuel per 100 km. Even more economical engine modifications are 1.6 TD and HDi (110 hp and 112 hp, respectively), the average fuel consumption of which will not exceed 5 liters per 100 km of mileage.

The disadvantage of all diesel engines for fuel consumption Citroen C4 is their demanding fuel. Sometimes poor fuel quality causes the valves in the guides to break. The turbine installed in the EP6DT negatively affects the reliability of this engine modification during operation.

Special attention needs to be paid to the cooling radiator, which needs to be washed and purged annually. Otherwise, the engine may overheat, which will lead to other troubles.

What can be said about the operation of the fuel consumption Citroen C5

With the introduction of the fuel consumption Citroen C5 on the market, the entire automotive world saw a serious competitor. The large and unusual silhouette of the brainchild that appeared was immediately highly appreciated by the automotive community.

Citroen C5 can rightfully take one of the first places in the popularity rating of quiet and comfortable models. In the premium version of the Exclusive, the car is equipped with laminated glass with a noise-canceling effect and a Hydractive III air suspension. This model is built on a common platform with the C6, as well as with the Peugeot 407. It differs from the C6 by a reduced 80 mm wheelbase. The suspension is equipped with standard shock absorbers and steel springs, which make the suspension softer. At the same time, the car is controlled smoothly both on a country road and on turns, and behaves adequately when braking.

In the usual configuration, the C5 is equipped with a 2-liter HDI diesel engine that perfectly combines power and efficiency. However, when operating an automatic transmission, fuel consumption increases, which makes the Citroen C5 less economical.

For more economical fuel consumption, the best option would be a 1.6-liter diesel HDi with an Airdream system that reduces diesel fuel consumption during operation. Of course, this engine is weaker than the previous version, but the 3-liter unit will also not give the necessary power to justify fuel economy.

Both considered modifications are compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions. It is worth noting that in the fuel consumption Citroen C5 all the engines used are widely available to motorists.

As for the premium C5 modifications, they are equipped with all possible Citroen fuel consumption options.

Being an ordinary 4-door sedan, the Citroen C5, however, stands out noticeably among competitors in its class. The front is decorated with a smooth bumper with rounded edges and a recognizable double emblem on the radiator grille.

You can’t find fault with the interior. The interior is stylishly decorated and thought out, premium modifications are complemented by wooden trim and leather upholstery. The seats provide comfort when riding and unhindered boarding and disembarking.

In the Euro NCAP safety rating, the fuel consumption Citroen C5 has 5 stars. When operating a Citroen, safety is ensured by the eTouch assistance system and built-in stability control. This model is deservedly successful.


CITROEN. Reducir el consumo de combustible Citroen