BMW. Reduce the fuel consumption of bmw

BMW FUEL ACTIVATOR — a device which is installed on a fuel hose of any BMW car and significantly reduces fuel consumption BMW by 20% and improves the engine performance. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your BMW, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

reduced fuel consumption BMW

Activators are installed on all models of BMW and are used in all types of fuel — GAS, PETROL, DIESEL FUEL.

The activators are easy to install, they are installed on the BMW fuel supply hose in a few minutes:

1. BMW fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.
2. A slight increase in the power of the BMW engine.
3. Extends the service life of the BMW engine.
4. The content of carbon monoxide and other pollutants in BMW exhaust gases is reduced by 30-40%.
5. Stable and dynamic operation of the BMW engine.
6. Reduces the formation of soot and carbon deposits on BMW pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, fuel injectors, catalyst and exhaust pipes.
7. Extends the service life of the BMW catalyst, lambda probe, spark plugs and BMW fuel injectors.

BMW ACTIVATOR reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

At the same time, the engine operation of BMW is significantly improved.

Examples of installation on different models of BMW.

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ANY FUEL (petrol, diesel, gas), by going through 10 magnetic fields of THESE ACTIVATORS, for a short time changes its structure and properties, and it BURNS more fully and REGULARLY.
Due to this, the BMW engine begins to work much BETTER.

Usually, it is already seen after 10-20 km of run of the car BMW which has an installed Activator.

Imagine, how your BMW engine works with VERY GOOD FUEL
That is, we have quite different (better) fuel.

operation of the fuel activator BMW

     You agree that chopped firewood burns much better than whole logs … The same thing happens with automotive fuel in the cylinders of the BMW engine.

fuel economy

car fuel economy

Activators installed on BMW reduce the density and viscosity of fuel:

1. This leads to the formation of smaller fuel particles, ensures good atomization and combustion in the cylinders of the BMW engine.
2. The fuel ignites better and burns smoothly, ensuring soft and smokeless operation of the BMW engine.
3. Reduces deposits on injectors and carbon deposits on candles and BMW cylinders.
4. Reduces the load on the operation of BMW fuel supply systems.
5. Increases reliability and increases the life of BMW fuel equipment.

All this leads to improved conditions for fuel combustion in BMW cylinders.

    FUEL with Activators burns more completely in the BMW engine, does not leave carbon deposits on pistons, cylinders and spark plugs.

     On BMW diesel cars, the injectors are not polluted, and there is no black smoke even at throttling at free running.

fuel engine operation BMW

Knowing where the fuel hoses are located, Activators at BMW are installed within 5 minutes (see «INSTALLATION»)

     ATTENTION! The main difference of THESE ACTIVATORS is that there are 20 magnets placed in them, which for a short time CHANGE THE STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF FUEL.    In other similar Aktivators which can be used on BMW, there are only 2 powerful magnets which are not able to change anything in the fuel (see «ANALOGUES» ).

     When you don’t like the Aktivators, then with no doubt you can return them back within 30 days (read «RETURN»).

ACTIVATOR reduces the fuel consumption of any BMW vehicle by 20%. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your BMW, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

The operating life is at least 15 years
We produce and sell them starting from 2008


The set of Activators (2 Activators) — 60,00 EUR

reduced fuel consumption for BMW

The price includes the deliver by post.


When installing on BMW both the Fuel combustion Activators and Activator Autothermia, FUEL CONSUMPTION is reduced by 30-40%!


fuel engine operation BMW

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scientific documents on fuel consumption BMW 

How to Use a BMW fuel consumption Car a Little Cheaper

BMW fuel consumption vehicle maintenance

  For owners of cars produced by the famous Bavarian group, it is necessary to realize how important it is to conduct timely maintenance of BMW. All modern models with the white and blue emblem on the hood are quite reliable and quite perfect. And yet they need constant and proper care. By visiting the service center in a timely manner to do the following, You:
1. Reduce the risk of damage to components and units.
2. Increase the technical resource.
3. Increase your safety level while driving.
Quick maintenance of BMW cars forces you to save money, but also saves you money. For example, the quick change of oil, filters and spark plugs saves fuel. Timely diagnosis of the suspension will save on spare parts, replacing only bushings and oil seals. Therefore, if the cost of servicing a BMW at a service station licensed by a dealer seems to you excessively high, these costs always pay off.

BMW fuel consumption Maintenance

  BMW was designed on the basis of the experience gained during the testing and operation of the vehicles. When forming it, the features of structural and technological solutions used in the production of cars are taken into account.
To make life easier for motorists, manufacturers seek to simplify BMW maintenance. The frequency of visits to service centers, according to European standards, can reach 30 thousand km.
In an effort to reduce car maintenance costs, many car owners prefer to service cars in workshops where BMW maintenance prices are lower than official dealers. There is nothing objectionable in this if they are well equipped and staffed with qualified personnel.
Some motorists even go further and service BMW themselves. However, every year this technique becomes more and more complex, and only people with appropriate professional skills and having all the necessary tools and equipment can perform all the procedures prescribed by the regulations.

BMW fuel consumption maintenance — what is important to know

  However, even those who regularly visit car services, it is recommended to study the maintenance schedule of BMW. This will make it possible to understand how faithfully the employees of the workshops perform their tasks.
There is a misconception that BMW service rules as such do not exist. This is because the on–board computer of the vehicle only indicates that it is time to perform the most necessary procedures — change the oil or coolant, brake pads or spark plugs… But this does not mean that it should be limited. There are many specially designed software options, such as Autodata or WOW, which determine the frequency of BMW maintenance and the nature of the work performed. But it is expensive, and for ordinary motorists access to such information is difficult, which causes certain problems.

How much does it cost to maintain a BMW fuel consumption

  The technique produced by the Bavarian company belongs to the Premium segment. Prices set by dealers can not afford motorists with a limited budget. Prices for original parts and consumables are high. But using parts made by third-party manufacturers and doing some of the work yourself, it is possible to reduce BMW’s maintenance costs.
Before buying a car, you need to soberly assess your financial capabilities. The cost of purchasing components and consumables depends on the specific modification of the car. The difference can be very large. As for the actual work, servicing a BMW X1 or 7 series requires about the same costs.
Is BMW maintenance expensive? Quite obvious! And this must be tolerated. After all, buying a car of this brand, you are not buying a budget car with modest characteristics, but the peak of the development of German eNgineering thought.
It should be understood that the higher the class of the model at your disposal, the higher the cost of its maintenance will be. And, anyway, the maintenance of the BMW X6 will have to pay more than for the X3.
The maintenance of BMW 3 and 4 series cars is the same, just as BMW X6 is the same as BMW X5 maintenance. BMW M series cars will have higher maintenance costs (cost about 20% higher).

What do BMW fuel consumption maintenance costs depend on

  The lion’s share of BMW’s maintenance costs is the cost of purchasing spare parts, technical fluids and lubricants.
Of course, the condition of the car is important. The difficulty of performing the same operations on a new and rather shabby car is not comparable. If you have not used the services of auto mechanics for a long time, worn parts and prshavevshie bolts will be felt, which will increase the service life, and therefore the cost of servicing BMW. This is another reason to regularly visit a car service.

     Cost of servicing BMW cars

In addition to the state of the vehicle value:
— Model including Release year and release month.
— Type of motor mounted on the machine.
— Mounting option.
— Availability of additional equipment.
Do not be surprised that depending on the date of production, different components and accessories can be installed on the machines of the Bavarian group. Therefore, when independently buying spare parts, you need to be extremely careful. Perhaps the parts with which the maintenance of the BMW X5 launched at the end of 2017 is carried out without problems are not suitable for a car launched in early 2018. You can get the information you need by checking the vin code.
Some motorists, having learned about the cost of servicing BMW at dealers, not only seek help in the usual workshops, but also try to repair cars. The hard case. The more modern the model, the more complex it is. All procedures require special equipment and are very expensive.

BMW car care

Step-by-step instructions for BMW maintenance with your own hands
Engine oil replacement

When replacing engine oil, maintenance of the BMW vehicle is carried out in the following order:
Warm up the engine.
Open the oil filler neck cover.
After replacing the appropriate container in volume, unscrew the pallet cap and drain all the work.
Unscrew the oil filter housing cover.
Remove the old cartridge.
With a syringe we remove the remains of work.
We put a new cartridge.
We wrap the lid.
We fill the fresh lubricant according to the amount indicated in the instructions for use and check the top mark of the sensor.
Close the oil filler neck, wipe with a cloth a drop of grease and, pressing the brake, start the engine. The pressure indicator should turn off after 1-3 seconds.
Then you will need to use the on-board computer and, going to the appropriate section of the menu, wait for the system to calculate how much grease is filled. It will take a few minutes, after which you can add the oil to normal.

Air filter replacement

Following the BMW maintenance schedule, Replace the air filter, for this:
Unscrew the screws that hold the air filter housing cover.
Remove the expired cartridge.
Inspect the niche of the air filter housing for dust and debris. Clean if necessary.
We install a new filter element.
We put in place and fix the lid.
Here, as we see, there is nothing complicated.
Replacement of cabin filters
Next, we proceed to the replacement of the filters in the passenger compartment. There are two of them-both on the car and in the sold kits.
The order of execution of work is as follows:
Unscrew the screws that hold the panel at the bottom of the dashboard on the passenger side.
Unscrew the screw and remove the clips that secure the decorative trim to the center console.
After disconnecting the electrical connectors, remove the panel that closes access to the components of the ventilation system. We see a plastic box that basically contains filter elements.
Unscrew the four screws that hold the bottom panel of the box.
Remove the cover and remove, pulling down, the filters from the passenger compartment.
We install new cartridges and the rest of the disassembled parts, acting in the reverse order.
In principle, nothing complicated either. True, there is little space under the dashboard, and people with large dimensions are cramped.
Even if you limit yourself to these procedures, depending on the maintenance cost of BMW, the savings will be tangible.

Fuel filter replacement

  Replacing the fuel filter is somewhat different. Some car owners are convinced that their car does not have such a room at all. This is a mistake. Just to get to the filter element, you must first disassemble the protection attached to the bottom of the vehicle by unscrewing all the screws that hold it. On it:
We replace a bowl of suitable size for collecting gasoline.
Loosen the collar on the rubber hose.
Remove the metal latch installed at the junction of the filter with the check valve.
Drain the remains of fuel, remove the old filter element.
We install a new part.
We return to their place the collar, latch and bottom protection.
It is necessary to act carefully, so as not to damage anything.
Having learned how to perform these simple operations, you can reduce the cost of servicing BMW. For car owners with a limited budget, these savings will be very useful.


  In most cars of the German car range, similar design solutions were applied. This means that the order of regulatory work is not too different. Taking as a basis the above recommendations, you can, without much trouble, carry out maintenance of the BMW 7 series. Replacing air filters will be even easier, because the space under the dashboard is larger and the protective shield is easier to attach.
However, there are tangible differences. For example, when servicing the BMW X3, in order to access the cabin filters, it will be necessary to additionally remove the air ducts that pass through the passenger’s legs from the sockets. Access to this room is difficult and only the absence of complex fasteners is comforting.
Well, of course, money! The more prestigious and expensive the machine, the higher the cost of its maintenance. For owners of tunningovannyh cars with additional equipment, the price of BMW maintenance, as a rule, is higher than for owners of models in standard versions of the equipment.

BMW. Reducir el consumo de combustible bmw

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