FUEL. Reduce your car’s fuel consumption

FUEL ACTIVATOR — a device which is installed on a fuel hose of any car and significantly reduces fuel consumption by 20% and improves the engine performance.

Therefore, with the same amount of fuel on your car, you will drive MORE KILOMETERS!

reduced fuel consumption


      FUEL burns more completely with the Activator, and there is no soot on pistons, cylinders and spark plugs.

     On the DIESEL cars, the injectors don’t get polluted, and there is no black smoke even at the throttling and during idle run.

fuel engine operation

     ANY FUEL (petrol, diesel, gas), having passed through 10 magnetic fields of these Activator, COMPLETELY change its structure and properties, the fuel burns more completely and evenly.

Due to this, the engine begins to work much BETTER.

That is, we get quite different (better) fuel.

     Usually, it is already noticeable after 10 — 20 km of run of the car with the installed Activator. Imagine how the engine is running with VERY GOOD FUEL …

operation of the fuel activator

     You should agree that chopped firewood burns much better than whole logs … The same thing happens with the automobile fuel

Activator is recommended for all makes of cars, of all kinds of fuel – GAS, GASOLINE, DIESEL FUEL.

Activators can be easily installed and operated:

1. Fuel consumption reduction by 20%
2. The power of engine is slightly increased.
3. The pistons and cylinders are cleaned from soot, sludge, slag and coke.
4. Prevent the formation of sludge on engine’s valves, piston rings, cylinder walls, in the spark plugs.
5. Reduce engine noise and vibration.
6. Reduce well CO and CH in the exhaust gases by 30-40%.

     COMBUSTION ACTIVATOR reduces the fuel consumption of any cars by 20%. At the same time, it significantly improves the engine performance.

Knowing where the fuel hose is situated, Activators are installed within 5 minutes (see INSTALLATION)

     ATTENTION!  The main difference of THESE ACTIVATORS is in that in them 20 magnets are installed, which for a short time CHANGE THE STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF FUEL.

     In other similar activators, which can be used on cars, there are only 2 powerful magnets, which are not able to change anything in the fuel (see «ANALOGUES»).

     When you don’t like the Aktivators, then with no doubt you can return them back within 30 days (read «RETURN»).

ACTIVATOR reduces the fuel consumption of any cars by 20%.

The operating life is at least 15 years
We produce and sell them starting from 2008


The set of Activators (2 Activators) — 60,00 EUR 

set of fuel activators

The price includes the deliver by post.

By postponing the purchase of a Activator, you OVERPAY for FUEL!


When installing both the Fuel combustion Activators and Autothermie Activators, FUEL CONSUMPTION is reduced by 30-40%!


reduced fuel consumption for

Who doesn’t love Activators:
1. Car manufacturers and oil companies. Most of the shares of car companies are owned by oil companies, which do not need to produce cars with low fuel consumption. They need to sell more oil!
2. Fuel dealers. Everything is clear, the more you save fuel, the less income they have.
3. Mechanics of car repairs. With Activators, the engine works better. The lack of carbon on the pistons, cylinders, plugs, injectors. That is, less repair is required, and this is a direct loss for car mechanics.
4. State. The less you spend on fuel, the less the state gets from excise and sales taxes.
    That is why there is so much false and negative information about the Activators.

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scientific documents on fuel consumption

For what reason has fuel consumption increased very quickly? 10 circumstances

Excessive fuel consumption is not only an increase in the number of visits to the gas station, but also a blow to the budget of the car owner. What causes affect the «voracity» of the machine?

Finally, the most obvious reason for the excessive consumption is the introduction of bad fuel. If gasoline or diesel does not meet the standards according to its own chemical composition, then its combustion occurs abnormally. And what if the engine control unit tries to correct the problem and gives the command to enrich the mixture by feeding more fuel. In order not to drain funds into the pipe together with not completely burned fuel, it is better to pour fuel at the gas stations of well-known network companies.

Fuel consumption can also be affected by poor engine oil or its untimely replacement.

The electric control unit determines the fuel consumption

The work of a modern motor depends on a huge number of reasons, the motor itself is controlled by a computer. Depending heavily on the readings of a large number of sensors, the «brains» adjust the operation of the actuators (the frequency and time of the injectors, the ignition angle, the injection angle, throttle opening, fuel pressure, and so on) to the current driving mode. If the readings from any-no-or faulty sensor give out incorrect data, then the ECU chooses the wrong program for the motor, which can cause incorrect combustion of the fuel-air mixture and, consequently, increased fuel consumption. Fortunately, usually if one of the sensors gives inaccurate
Then it is worth contacting the service, in which place professionals consider an error and will help to realize what kind of serviceable mechanism or sensor is asking for replacement.

Mass air flow sensor and fuel consumption

Separately, it is necessary to note the mass air flow sensor. After all, the leakiness of the air supply channels to it leads to distortions of the readings of the real air flow and the actual one that got into the combustion chamber. Hence the incorrect stoichiometric ratio of the combustible mixture and the operation of the internal combustion engine in semi-emergency mode with absolutely all the ensuing consequences. That’s why, when diagnosing a car with complaints about uneven engine operation and increased fuel consumption, the master first checks the mass air flow sensor (DMRV).

The fuel system filter affects fuel consumption

Sometimes electronics are to blame for the increased consumption. A prerequisite may be a clogged fuel system filter.In this case, the fuel pressure drops below the calculated one, and the ECU gives the command to open the injectors for a longer time to bring the fuel supply back to normal. As if nothing terrible, but there is one aspect when the fuel filter is clogged, the pressure jumps with the highest frequency and is very unstable, because the electric «brains» simply do not have time to adjust to the configurations, which causes uneven fuel flow into the combustion chamber and unpredictable (often increased) consumption.

The air filter also affects fuel consumption

Another filter that affects fuel consumption is air. It is believed that the general design singularity of piston engines is the lack of air, which is necessary for the complete combustion of fuel (turbocharging solves it on modern engines).But now imagine how much more difficult it becomes for the motor to suck in air when the air filter is clogged with dust and mud. Among other things, in this case, the engine is more heavily loaded and consumes more fuel. Specifically for this reason, the air filter is changed every time the engine oil is changed.

Release system

In order for the engine to work properly, it must not only «inhale», but also freely «exhale» through the exhaust system. When the exhaust ducts of the cylinder head are coked or the catalyst is clogged, creating a counteraction to the exhaust gas output, the engine has to spend more energy on «squeezing out» the fuel combustion products. As follows, in order to maintain working power, the engine has to consume more fuel.

Piston group

Wear of the piston group is quite common for engines with a great mileage (above 100,000 km). On «sluggish» engines, an increase in fuel consumption is associated with a compression failure in the cylinders. If it is not high enough, the recoil characteristics of the engine deteriorate and in order to achieve the required recoil, the engine needs to burn more fuel. Part of which, by the way, does not burn completely, because all processes are initially designed for regular compression. Specifically for this reason, most age-related cars are getting gluttonous and gluttonous.

Additional equipment

Not all the prerequisites for excessive fuel consumption are related to technical aspects. The fuel consumption is also influenced by the wiring attachments, a strong audio system, lighting and other harsh consumers of electricity load the generator, which is connected by a belt drive to the engine. And the overestimated energy costs of the internal combustion engine for the rotation of the generator provokes an overestimated «appetite» of the motor.


Tires also have an impact on fuel consumption! For example, low tire pressure leads to excessive rolling resistance. And this means that part of the fuel spent on overcoming resistance is not converted into real work on moving the car in space, hence the inflated consumption. Specifically, in order to further improve the characteristics of fuel consumption and power reserve, almost many hybrid cars and electric cars are fitted with tight and rigid tires.

The style of driving a car

The most trivial reason. Active acceleration and braking, but also aggressive driving inevitably affects «gluttony».With active deceleration, the work spent on acceleration is converted into futile thermal energy of braking. Accordingly, the spent useful resources (fuel) are spent without benefit. that’s why, in order to use the «fuel» effectively, we must try to move more coasting and, if possible, press the brake pedal less.