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    ACTIVATORS allow REDUCING THE COSTS for the maintenance of the SAAB car, not just because of fuel economy by 20%, but also due to the stable operation of the engine, and its constant preventive measures.

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Examples of installation on different models of SAAB.

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The advantages of installing the Activators into your SAAB car:

1. Every fifth refuelling or every fifth litre of fuel for the saab car is free;
2. Increases the motor capacity of the saab engine;
3. The power of your saab car is increased a little bit;
4. You have filled the saab car with poor-quality fuel? With Activators, the saab engine will run smoothly and stably!
5. The engine of your saab car, its spark plugs, jet nozzles, injector, catalyst and lambda sensors will always be in good condition;
6. Easier saab engine starting in the winter conditions;
7. Installation of Activators into the saab is not only completely safe, but also helpful for your car!
8. Installation of Activators does not change the design of the saab car. Therefore, you will not be asked questions, while passing the saab car technical inspection test.
9. Possibility to reinstall the Activators from an saab car to another car.

     Any fuel (petrol, diesel, gas), by passing through 10 magnetic fields of THESE ACTIVATORS, for a short time changes its structure and properties, and it BURNS MORE FULLY AND EVENLY in the cylinders of SAAB.


     Due to this, the SAAB ENGINE starts working much BETTER. Usually, it is already noticeable after 10 — 20 kilometres of the SAAB travel.


 The set of Activators (2 Activators) — 40 EUR

The price includes the deliver by post.


     For oil companies it is NOT PROFITABLE when cars with small fuel consumption are manufactured. Therefore, the majority of the shares of the automotive companies belongs to the oil companies which DETERMINE what cars with how big FUEL CONSUMPTION to produce.

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