The Activator for gas savings in heating systems of individual houses.

     The design and function of this Activator is the same as that of the automobile. However, the magnetic fields inside it are generated by strong anisotropic ferrite magnets. This is because of the fact that the diameters of the fuel-supply lines of the heating systems of individual houses are greater than the diameters of the fuel lines in vehicles, and the fuel consumption is greater as well. Therefore, for the treatment of fuel, more powerful magnetic fields are required.

     The Activator is designed for pipes with a diameter of 20-35 mm.  

     To install the Activator on steel pipes, it is necessary to make an incut into the pipe made of copper. And in such a way it is possible to install the Activator, consisting of three Activators.
     On the photographs, the installation of the Activator on the incut of the copper pipe is shown.

The gas savings is up to 20%.

The installation of the Activator on the heating system JUNKERS for heating the cottage.

     The set of Activators for gas economy (3 Activators) in the private houses costs — 60 EUR.


The price includes the deliver by post.