How many Activators your car needs

     ATTENTION! Do not try to put extra Activators – it will only get worse! The example from the life: GOLF during one year ran with a set of Activators (2 Activators), we decided to put one more Activator — gray smoke want from the exhaust pipe, we put another — black smoke began to go from the exhaust pipe. We removed two extra Activator, and everything returned to the normal state.

     When installing the Activators on cars, the following rules must be observed:

      For vehicles with fuel consumption of 12 litres per 100 km, 1 set of Activators (2 Activators) is needed.

     For vehicles with the fuel consumption of 12 to 17 litres per 100 km — 1.5 sets of Activators (3 Activators)

     For vehicles with fuel consumption of more than 17 litres per 100 km — 2 sets of Activators (4 Activators)

     For trucks — 3 sets of Activators (6 Activators)

     For other vehicles (tractors, bulldozers, harvesters, etc.) calculation is carried out based on the proportion — the fuel consumption per hour of run is equal to the distance of 100 km.