AUTOTHERMIE — is the ability of the air for self-combustion with a small amount of fuel, in particular in an automobile engine.

     You know that by the presence of even a drop of any hydrocarbon at the oxygen cylinder valve it may explode. It is clear that the oxygen explodes (burns), and not a drop of hydrocarbon.

     And what is the spark between the electrodes, or the arc of electric-arc welding? It means that the air burns. In the vacuum, the sparks between the electrodes don’t occur.

     In the developed Activator of the Autothermie (Air ionizers), this phenomenon is PARTIALLY used in the car engines running on NATURAL GAS, GASOLINE AND DIESEL FUEL.

     The Activator of the Autothermie (Air ionizers) consists of two parts, inside which the 48 magnets are installed. When connecting the parts on the air duct, 24 magnetic fields arise between them with different directions of the magnetic field lines.


     The impact of the Activator (Air ionizers) CAN BE NOTICED IMMEDIATELY — the engine power increases, the car runs easier and «faster”. Practically, in the cylinders of the engines, the air begins to burn PARTIALLY instead of fuel (Tesla already occupied with this phenomenon). Yes-Yes! Air! It can sound unbelievable and fantastic!

     All the conditions, necessary for the air combustion in the cylinders of car engines, already exist (these are high temperature and high pressure), but the Activator of Autothermie simply prepares the air for combustion.

These Activators (Air ionizers) are installed on the air ducts, as it is shown in the pictures.

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When the Activator of Autothermie and Combustion Activator are installed together, THE FUEL CONSUMPTION IN VEHICLES IS REDUCED BY 30-40%!

The price of the Activator of Autothermie amounts to 55 EUR.

 THE PRICE, when buying together the Fuel combustion Activators and the ACTIVATOR OF AUTOTHERMIE amounts to 80,00 EUR.

The price includes the deliver by post.